Preparing your Quilt

Preparing Your Quilt

The time you take to prepare your quilt for quilting is well spent to achieve the best result.


Please be sure to:

  • press all of your seams well, during the piecing process, ensuring that they do not twist, this is essential if you are requiring stitch in the ditch
  • clip all loose threads from the back, especially dark threads on light fabrics
  • ensure your borders lay flat.
  • stay stitch ¼” from the edge of the quilt if the outer edges are on the bias or have lots of seams in them
  • Note: fullness that is pieced into the quilt may not necessarily be quilted out.
  • Please have your top and backing well pressed prior to quilting.
  • Batting must be around 20 cm longer and wider in total than your quilt top.
  • Think about what quilting you would like on your quilt. What will the quilt be used for, who is the recipient and what are their tastes, are there any features on your quilt you would like to stand out, what colour thread would you like to be used?

by Michele Turner